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Beatrice is an artist that works in different mediums such as painting, installation and sound. Gaining a BA from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan as well as an exchange from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has had a solo exhibition entitled `Ritual Lines` at Art Licks festival and taken part in various group exhibitions through institutions such as White Space gallery, MAMU galleria and most recently at Galleri Vanntårnet. Beatrice wants to bring us back to our innermost nature, reconnecting to our roots. Through her abstract paintings in ink and soft pastel, fleeting textures appear reminiscent of inner visions and organic forms. Beatrice presented her paintings this year at the Talented Art Fair 2018 in London. Her multimedia works are placed in nature, using thread and organic material to create curious compositions. Her continuous interest in nature and topographies has led her to take part in the Arts Territory Exchange, an ongoing collaborative correspondence project based on nature, ecology and topographies. Exchanging ideas by post with the artist Kelly Leonard based in Australia. This fall they are selected for a weeks residency with the sustainable centre Art Aia in Italy. For the month of April 2018 Beatrice was part of 12ocollective 3O/3O project where she submitted a new piece of work every day. This summer 2018 Beatrice will be part of Performance Art Oslo Festival at Steilene in Norway. She has recently taken on a studio at Kroloftet in Oslo where she is in the process of creating large scale paintings. Beatrice was born in 1986 and is currently based in Oslo.


Artist Statement


My work is an interdisciplinary practice of painting, site-specific installation and sound. It has an organic character throughout it`s various expressions retracing an ancestral sensibility. The paintings are made of soft pastels and ink carefully blended to create curious organic shapes and inner visions. Im the co-founder of Inner Space, an independent press publishing small editions of art and poetry books. It`s also an alternative way to create a platform to present art work in book form. One of the published books is entitled Colour Story, a story about the origins of colour and how we interact with them based on Goethes colour theory. It was exhibited during an art book exhibition in Budapest at MAMU galleria and is now stocked in various book stores. I work with synthesizer and ableton to create soundscapes that invoke an atmospheric ambience and experimental quality. A soundtrack and film was created for my solo exhibition `Ritual Lines` during East London`s festival; Art Licks in 2015. I create site-specific installations in nature using the materials found available as well as introducing textiles and thread into the landscape. As a thought process emerge within I weave it onto the landscape. Make it inhabit the landscape and meditate upon my intentions. Documenting it by photographs and texts.  Im currently part of the Arts Territory exchange an ongoing collaborative correspondence project based on nature, art and topographies. Exchanging ideas by post with the artist Kelly Leonard based in Australia. I theorize on an alternative organic thinking mode rooted in the four elements and have written a symposium called `Ecology as Art`.



Solo Exhibitions

2015 Ritual Lines, Art Licks, London


Selected Group Exhibitions


2018 Galleri Vanntårnet, Nesodden-Norway

2018 3O/3O project 12o collective, London

2018 Talented Art fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London

2017 Pink Light, Photoblock The Old Truman Brewery, London

2015 Colour, MAMU Galleria, Budapest

2014 Lightbox, The White Building, London

2014 Performance, Invisible Colours, Rudolf Steiner House



2017  Farge, Schous Books, Oslo

2015 Pink Light Zine, NY Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1

2015 Visual Art, I bite my nails to manifest my existence, Poetry book by Caroline Alice Lopez, The Scrambler




2017 Arts Territory Exchange

2014 Assistant, Matthew Stone, London

2013 Assistant, Wallpaper, London

2011 Artist in Residence, Estudio Nomada, Barcelona

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