Born in Oslo, Norway, Beatrice is an artist exploring supersensible spheres and organic forms in nature through drawings. The use of natural materials combined with a theoretical background in antroposophy creates a multidisciplinary practice that encompasses object based installation work, sound and moving image. Beatrice is concerned with mankind and the environment where human behaviour shape in accordance to the inner self and nature, her motto `$ensibility as currency of the Universe` seek to reflect this.



Solo Exhibitions

2015 Ritual Lines, Art Licks, London


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 Colour, MAMU Galleria, Budapest

2014 Lightbox, The White Building, London

2014 Performance, Invisible Colours, Rudolf Steiner House



2015 Pink Light Zine, NY Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1

2015 Visual Art, I bite my nails to manifest my existence, Poetry book by Caroline Alice Lopez, The Scrambler

2014 Sacramental Zine, Tokyo Art Book Fair



2014 Assistant, Matthew Stone, London

2013 Assistant, Wallpaper, London

2011 Artist in Residence, Estudio Nomada, Barcelona

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