Ritual Lines Exhibition

Ritual Lines as part of Art Licks 2015

“As you enter a projection appears of a short film, it`s soundtrack immerses you into the atmospheric setting of the exhibition. It displays nature, nature as a wild, holy, and timid place. The rendered close ups and abstractions pay respect to the mysterious aspect they behold, for example the veins of a leaf or the sap from a tree. Opposite a large banner with an introductory text meets one and gives some in depth meaning of the exhibition and its collective spirit. Beside are still photographs of the engraved plates in nature. It seems they appear in mysterious places as a sign of a lost civilisation that once celebrated and looked up to nature with reverence. Smoky and mysterious in dim light the engraved plates are shown in the next room. The lines compose themselves and seem to have a natural order as a statement of an underlying harmony. The metal echoes the planetary forces. The plates are centred around stick formations, embellished with paint, gold threads and wool. One feels gravitated toward the tomb like structure that holds an altar, a hymn to nature and creativity. It’s as if one has discovered an ancient site that vibrates with spirit”.

Review by curator Emma Vernon