Beatrice Alvestad Lopez is a visual artist based in Oslo, Norway having previously worked and lived in London whose artworks concern ritual, myth and poetic narratives in landscapes. It is a multidisciplinary practice consisting of photo, film, painting, installation and performance. Beatrice holds a BA from Nuova Accademia di belle Arti, Milan with an exchange at Pratt Institute, NY. She has a love of nature and a passionate interest in the idea of remoteness through travels in Iceland and voyages around the wild coasts of Scotland. For Alvestad Lopez water forms a focus of profound interest. Her recent work explores the place where the sea meets the land; the dynamics of water, the patterns of waves and the universal flow of water through matter, worlds and living bodies. For Alvestad Lopez the camera allows both for the study of landscape and the documentation of spontaneous, ritualistic creative experiments conducted in the places through which she travels, a practice that draws on her interest in deep traditions of artmaking and environmental concerns.

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